Finding a quality and reliable manual treadmill is way more difficult than shopping for an electric treadmill. Manual treadmills work without the help of a motor, hence the name non-motorized treadmills. They are self-powered and as such, you have to start walking or running to set it them in motion. If you are interested in purchasing a manual treadmill, you’ve certainly come to the right place. This post breaks down factors you should consider when shopping for a manual treadmill. We also look at the best models on the market.

Comparison of the best manual treadmills

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1. Exerpeutic 100XL Manual Treadmill – Best Overall


The Exerpeutic 100XL offers an easy and effective way to achieve a regular exercise regimen. The tread belt is longer and wider than most while the magnetic tension helps stabilize the speed of the belt. This allows you to walk or run hands-free at preferred tension and incline settings. Compared to other models whose incline starts high, the incline on the Exerpeutoc 100XL starts as low as 8%. This prevents the leg muscles and ankles from straining too much.

It has the highest weight capacity (325lbs) compared to other models on this list. This is achieved with a reinforced frame. Flywheels have a 6″ diameter and allow for a smoother, more consistent workout. You don’t have to worry about getting distracted as the magnetic tension resistance and precision balance flywheels ensure the machine operates quietly. It has intuitive computer features that track your data and a LCD screen on which that information is displayed. The handles are extra long and help you maintain balance during your workout.

  • Extra long safety handles with a good handles
  • Long and wide running surface
  • Has the highest weight capacity
  • Quick release incline adjustments feature three points of incline
  • You have to hang on the arms to keep a steady pace

2. Confidence Fitness Magnetic Manual Treadmill – Best Value for Money

With a slight incline and up to eight levels of magnetic resistance, the confidence Fitness Magnetic is everything you’d want in a manual treadmill. You can tailor specific intensity to suit the desired type of training. It also features a multi-function computer that allows you to track your statistics including heart rate, speed and calories burned. Once your workout, you can fold it down to a compact size for space saving storage.

At less than $200, this is a well built treadmill that has a maximum weight capacity of 220lbs. It is affordable and offers value for your money. The treadmill is backed by a one year warranty and the running surface is relatively equal to what you can find at the price range. It comes assembled with a manual with clear and easy-to-understand instructions on how to finish setting up. You can also spend a few extra dollars to get it delivered with expert assembly. The main concern is that it doesn’t have incline adjustment.

  • Backed by 1 year warranty
  • Intuitive computer features to track your workout data
  • Offers eight levels of magnetic resistance for a customized workout
  • Folds down to a compact size
  • Belt starts veering to the side after a while

3. ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill – Quietest Manual Treadmill For Home


This is an effective manual treadmill that will help you live a healthier lifestyle and burn extra calories. It features a strong powder-coated frame that can handle up to 230 pounds of weight. The side rails allow for safe walking strides and add to the sturdiness of the equipment. You also benefit from minimal assembly as it comes fully assembled. Being a foldable treadmill that doesn’t require electricity, you get to save on space and utility costs.

The ProGear 190 Manual Treadmill features twin cast iron flywheels that allow for quiet and smooth walking. In addition, the oversized belt rollers provide a consistent and smooth walking experience. The long handles feature foam padding for added comfort, balance and security while exercising. Incline adjustments are quick and include two incline levels of 6 and 10 degrees for a customized walking experience. You can track the time taken, calories burned, speed and distance via the LCD display.

  • Frame is backed by a 1-year warranty plus an extended 5-year warranty
  • Requires minimal assembly when it arrives
  • Has two incline positions so that you can increase intensity of workout
  • Weight capacity is a little too low for some users

 4. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T4400 Treadmill – Most Innovative Design

manual treadmill for jogging

The Sunny Health and Fitness SF-T4400 offers everything you need for an amazing cardio workout. It is a solid, well-built home treadmill with a 2.20HP motor that runs smoothly and quietly. You can run at speeds of 9mph with 0.1 mph increments. The LCD console makes it easy for you to control the speed and track your workout information like heart rate, calories burned, distance as well as time. This treadmill has three levels of incline, allowing you to adjust the intensity for a customized experience.

Like most models in this list, the Sunny and Health SF-T4400 treadmill folds down for easy storage or transportation. The soft drop mechanism is unique and delivers increased safety when folding and unfolding your equipment. The frame is backed by a 1-year warranty while the rest of the components come with a 90-day warranty.

  • The ability to incline to one of three positions
  • Has a built-in computer with nine programs that motivate you stay on the treadmill
  • Soft drop mechanism allows for safe folding and unfolding
  • H control keys offer added convenience
  • Intuitive LCD display console
  • Produces an annoying squeeze sound when running on it

5. Confidence GTR Power Pro – Best Ultra-Light Manual Treadmill For Running

This is a small folding treadmill that runs at up to speeds of 7.5mph. It is more advanced than most manual treadmills in its price range. One of the highlights is that it offers three-setting manual incline, allowing you to make workouts more challenging for optimum muscle toning and calorie burning. You also benefit from 12 built-in training programs and a heart rate monitor. It is powered by a 1.5 HP motor, which a little weak compared to other models.

This treadmill comes fully assembled and only requires half an hour to set up when it arrives. While the weight capacity is stated 250lbs, it’s important to note that it wobbles at higher speeds even when used by lighter individuals. Our main concern is that the limited warranty may be available. We recommend purchasing it if you’re willing to pay for extended warranty.

  • Comes with 12 in-built workout programs, each of which controls the speed for 30 minutes
  • Has a top speed of 7.5mph
  • Compact and portable design is ideal for small spaces
  • Track can be used either flat or at three incline settings
  • Very limited warranty
  • Requires high maintenance

Best Manual Treadmill – Buyer’s Guide

With gym equipment becoming increasingly popular at home, purchasing a manual treadmill has proved a great way to keep fit in the comfort of your house. But before you go paying for a poor quality equipment at the local store, take a few minutes to understand the factors to consider when shopping for a treadmill.

Manual vs. electric treadmills

Manual treadmills are usually powered by the user. They are a decent way to exercise the lower body since most of the power comes from the legs. Manual treadmills are preferred over electric ones for their reduced cost and lack of electrical components.


Of course, the amount of money you’re willing to spend plays a crucial role. Most manual treadmills cost less than $200, with a few high-end ones costing a little more. Whatever your budget, it’s important to ensure that your preferred has quality components.

which treadmill is best manual or automatic


Compared to other exercise equipment, treadmills cause accidents more often. The reduced number of moving parts makes manual treadmills safer than electric treadmills. However, this isn’t reason enough to ignore the importance of safety features when making your purchase. A long handle with good grip and side rails are some of the safety features to look for.


When it’s all said and done, your choice of a manual treadmill really depends on your particular needs. However, it would be great if you purchased something with a compact design that can be folded down when not in use. You should also consider a treadmill that can track your heart rate, calories and other vital data. That said, we’d love to hear about your favorite manual treadmill in the comment section.