Treadmills represent a useful tool for getting back into shape. Bulky and expensive equipment can often turn the consumer off. Hosting space for these large machines is often something that has people puzzled or weary upon pulling the purchase trigger. The small treadmill can reduce these concerns and keep you moving. A large percent of the population doesn’t commit to the necessary amount of daily exercise. They often run out of time or have other constraints that hamper their activity levels. The ordinary individual can benefit from the use of this tool, but it is important to choose the right machine.

Some people enjoy the tracking abilities these machines provide, while others prefer something that would challenge them beyond outdoor walks/runs. Below is a comprehensive list of the best small treadmills on the market. We’ll dive into the specifics surrounding each machine, go over the benefits each can provide, and other logistics that makes these machines worth your while.

Best Compact Treadmills in 2019 – Reviews

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1. Best Choice Products Black 500W Folding Treadmill – Best Space Saver

best small portable treadmill

Combining practicality with functionality, the Best Choice Products brand brings a compact treadmill that has a high output level. This 500W system provides you with the necessary power to remain stable on your continuous path. A digital display helps to track your movements and calculate your calorie burn from each individual workout. The side railings feature a spongy foam material, which is optimal for support measures for those who may require assistance.

The device features folding hinges that bring the running track to the railings. Store and move with ease with the rolling wheels that turn on a variety of surfaces. This helps to make storage a simple task, eliminating the real estate taken up by larger units.

  • Allows uses in places that lack space
  • Added support with the foam padded rails
  • A display that tracks your movements and other fitness concerns
  • Small width on the running track
  • The strength of the assembly elements is lacking

2. Confidence Fitness Power Trac Treadmill – Best Compact Quiet Treadmill

Confidence Fitness adds a little extra burn to your workout with their Power Trac Treadmill. The track is lined with synthetic materials that create a thick coating on your track. Aside from the added wear and tear reduction elements, this treadmill allows for three levels of incline/decline. Go from a walk to a hike with ease.

Four different speeds are programed into the machine, leaving you with multiple intensities to workout at. An LED screen is displayed to help you reach your daily goals and conquer the calories. The device comes with little assembly, getting you up and moving in no time.

  • Increased availability of workout settings with built-in intensity levels
  • Track your fitness with the back lighted display screen
  • Increased traction on this durable track
  • Very narrow running track; often hard to get it moving
  • Doesn’t fold completely, with the side railings causing that problem

3. Merax JK1603E Folding Electric Treadmill – Best Choice for the Money

Keeping the price level low and the attention to the task high is the Merax Folding Electric Treadmill. This machine comes in at the fraction of the cost to comparable competitors. The electric motor assists your movements and provides you will the sustainability to conquer your workout. It also contains three different built-in workouts.

The base is supported by metal rods and other such mechanisms. This support removes the pressure placed on joints, knees, and other muscles when running or walking. The motor utilizes a low noise output, reducing the distraction to the other individuals around you. It folds to a compact size, making storage a breeze.

  • A powerful motor that is backed by warranty
  • Additional supports placed under the track for comfort
  • Very narrow running strip
  • Maximum speed does not compare to other models with similar builds/price points

4. LifeSpan TR1200i Folding Treadmill – Top All-Around Small Machine

best small treadmill for home use

The Lifespan treadmill is a durable piece of equipment that contains many other useful selling points. While it does expand on price, this high-end model contains functions to make up for it. The base is much wider than other featured models, giving you a firm area of lift and touch for your feet. The machine is naturally level, reducing the stress on your legs and joints.

The LED display on this system comes with different interactive features. Map your progress with laps around the track or test your stamina with different built-in programs. The incline adjusts in quick fashion, keeping your preference constantly met. It also supports weight of up to 300 pounds, which is much higher than other market models.

  • All-in-one functionality for sports training, fitness goals, and other such achievements
  • Very sturdy and stable, keeping your impact low
  • The price tag lands this machine in the high-end category
  • The supported screen and railings may rattle with usage

5. Exerpeutic TF900 – Best Walking Small Treadmill

Sometimes you need a device that is fit only for walking. The Exerpeutic model is specifically designed with that goal in mind. Reaching the mid-level price range, this activity specific treadmill combines multiple additions for you to enjoy. It houses wide and extended arm railings, which help support those who may need assistance. This is the perfect machine for those looking to rehab after injury or take things slow.

The maximum supported weight amount reaches 350 pounds, making it the perfect device for any sized user. The walking track is also wide, which keeps you moving and focused on the task rather than your feet placement. It also houses a display screen that lists calories, distances, and other such fitness trackers.

  • Perfect for the individual looking for walking
  • Added support elements keep this machine steady and sturdy for any user
  • Not optimized for the runner
  • Limited selection of training programs and other additional features

6. Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T7632 Space Saving Folding Treadmill – Best Compact Model for home

best compact folding treadmill

Big things don’t have to come in large packages and Sunny Health & Fitness holds true to this saying. Designed with the space saving individual in mind, this compact model utilizes strengthen metal components to structure the bulk of this machine. The machine accelerates up to 7 MPH, packing a real punch for such a small design.

It also houses an LCD display screen, which helps track calories, distance, and other measures. On top of these trackers is a built-in heart rate monitor. This gives you a little peace of mind and helps you pace yourself over the course of the workout. The device is raised via an elevator function, allowing you to incline and increase the intensity levels with ease.

  • Folds and holds tight, leaving you with half the necessary storage space needed
  • Reaches high speeds for a small machine
  • No arm rails added
  • Running strip is rather small in width

7. Rebel Treadmill 1000 Under Desk Treadmill – Best On-the-Go Treadmill

Need a machine that you can take with you? The Rebel Treadmill is your answer. This lightweight machine provides to be the perfect travel companion. We often lack time to complete our workout due to resources, but the under-desk treadmill is meant to travel. It adds an extended chord for you to plug and run wherever you may be.

This machine comes fully assembled and doesn’t add confusing parts and features. Setting the device is done via a small key pad. It is optimized for quick usage and fires up very quickly. Save on space with the reduction in unnecessary parts. This machine does not have any rails, display screens, or any other extensions. It comes on wheels, making it easy to move around. Stores in almost any location, taking up little surface area.

  • The true on-the-go treadmill
  • Features no unnecessary additions; meant purely for running/walking
  • Stores in almost any location
  • No side rails or display screen
  • Stopping and starting can be a little difficult; may add a learning curve

8. Confidence GTR Power Pro 1100W Motorized Electric Treadmill – Best High-Power Machine

This Confidence GTR delivers an ample amount of power to ensure you can max out your speed. This device is optimal for the agility trainers and runners. It houses a 1100W engine, making it one of the highest output machines on the small treadmill market. The device adds holding rails that feature built-in heart rate sensors. This allows for simple stopping and going to keep up with your fitness goals.

It folds downward for simple storage, which is convenient compared to the common upward folding mechanisms. It also has wheels, allowing you to slide it under other items in your house. An LED display is provided. This display features push buttons that allow you to adjust your machine on the fly. This brings a little more control to the table, gearing your focus towards your workout.

  • A very powerful engine
  • Optimized for reaching higher speeds
  • Mid-end price range with many features
  • High arm railings benefit the taller user
  • Manuel incline adjustment

9. Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill – The Best Informative Treadmill

Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill

Weslo believes that the users should be aware of the benefits gained from working out. Their model features colorful display charts and an LED screen. These elements help your track your fitness earnings and tally different areas of your workout. It creates a personal assist to help you know what to strive for. On top of these displays, this machine comes with 6 different personal trainer workouts.

Functionality is also an important element, so Weslo added additional bottom support mechanisms. These prevent your machine from shaking or producing loud noises. Safety is also kept with the arm railings and a safety stop pull. You never have to worry about getting distracted or going off course with this additional measure.

  • Informative displays that help you track your workout
  • Added support for joint and leg relief
  • Durability in construction might cause increased wear and tear
  • Small track strip

Best Small Treadmill – Informative Buying Guide

Now that we have revealed the items stemming from this space, it is time to dive into certain features you should be looking for. The first starting point is to not sell yourself short on the strength in construction. Durable materials, such as steels and metals are important in the cage region. Since you are going to be performing swift movements, it is both important to host these elements on both the outer cage or shell and the base. The base should be made from synthetic materials.

Rubberized components are often found most common for this construction. If it utilizes layered or reinforced construction with this rubber, it should get the thumbs up from you. Plastics and other elements are weak and break easily over time. The price point for the machine containing these components often runs a little more. This shouldn’t shy you away. Paying for construction over additional features will help your device stand up to the test of time.

A second area to take note of is the wattage of output. If your machine only utilizes a 300-400-watt engine, you are limited in both speed and effort standards. The higher wattage models benefit the runners, while the lower amounts benefit the walkers. You have to assess your primary usage before purchasing. This will help ease the selection process and help you understand the price increases associated with the different market models.

best small treadmill for home

Third, find a unit that supports the undercarriage. The pressure placed upon the belt and total machine structure are going to be immense. The user pounds their feet and body weight upon these elements for time frames spanning from minutes to hours. A reinforced undercarriage provides you with a stable walking/running track and limits the vibrations and noise emitted from your machine. Thick metal arms are the most common form of reinforcement. Without these additional items, your machine with shake and vibrate.

Fourth, consider the width of the running track. This element is both important and worth judging for the user. Take your natural walking into consideration. Walk about 20 feet in the sand or a substance that imprints your path traveled. Measure the average width by marking these numbers every 2-3 feet. This will give you a ballpark estimate of your average walking path. This method can be used for running as well. If you don’t have the means or time to perform this calculation, do not fret. The average walking path of the user is rather straight and doesn’t require that much space to stay on course. Placing your feet shoulder width apart and finding a width that stays within those boundaries will suffice as well. This element is often overlooked by the customer. Many believe they need a wide walking track, but that is often not the case. The wider the path gets, the more the machine trends toward the larger variety.

Lastly, decide what features you want on your machine. Maybe you are using the machine to get your daily step counter up and do not require the use of an informative display screen. Other users will train for marathons and races during the cold seasons. This indoor training might need to be met be comprehensive split times and other such essentials. This step is yet another area where you need to assess your needs. Most machines, even in the small variety of space, come with an LED display screen. They often feature limited range and functionality, prescribing the more advanced models for users who need to take down the data obtained from workout to workout.


To summarize this review, keep one thing in mind: assess your needs prior to purchase. This is the most important step in the selection process as most machines differ in quality, variety, and accessories. The price point of models varies greatly, but there is usually some sort of selling point that places on the model over the other. Always shoot for the stronger construction, as these devices will have a longer staying period than the plastic models.