ProForm has hosted previous success in the treadmill space with their heavy product line of differentiated products. Their product collection spans anywhere from the low to high-end. Each treadmill encompasses its own useful features, providing different models for each contrasting individual. The ProForm 505 CST is a model all its own, holding multiple functions and features for the consumer’s delight. Below we’ll detail everything there is to know about this model in review. We’ll highlight important selling points and give you in-depth product points of note.

General Structure

From floor to ground, the model reaches just under 5 feet in height. It has two front columns that reach to the ground, creating front stability. The back supports are small plastic legs that feature stoppers on the undercarriage. These stoppers prevent streaking on hardwood floors and will keep your carpet from harm. Extending from the two front columns are two separate arms that have wheels on the ends. These wheels are used to seamlessly transition your device across the house, placing it wherever you find fitting. Placed upon the top of the two columns is an LCD display screen. This screen is centered on a plastic backing. Extending from this backing are two arms. These arm extensions represent a little relief during a long trek or can be relied upon to keep you upright and balanced. The bottom platform features a long and wide running track. This track extends nearly 5 feet in length. The width measures in just under 2 feet, giving you that extra room for free swinging arm movement and extra kick off your leg extensions.

proform 505 cst treadmill (2014 model)


The product comes in a large box that is just over the length dimensions of the finished product. All parts come assembled, leaving you with simple tasks of locking items into place. This is a useful feature that gets you moving on your new treadmill in quick fashion. The disassembly is kept simple and makes for easy transitions. The bottom base folds upwards to grip the two front columns tightly. The user can then slide the device around the house, taking advantage of the reinforced wheeling housed on the bottom of the device. The user can also lean the device back, placing their arms upon the arm extensions for a smoother transition. Either method will work for the intended moving purpose.

Playing Around with the LCD Display

For a device of its size, the 505 CST has a display window that is rather large. The buttons placed around and below the screen are also relatively bulky, allowing you to select the correct feature with ease. The LCD display showcases the time spent on the device, calories burned, heart rate, and other such features. Going beyond these simple functions, the display can be programmed to show different levels of incline and intensity with a black blocking system. This system will track your complete workout, charting your ups and downs throughout. The display can also be transitioned to feature a track pattern. This will allow you to monitor your laps, striving for personal best timing. Beyond the features, the display is backlit with a strong blue lighting system. This enhances visibility with your machine, making work in a dark lit room a breeze.

The Button Functions

The 505 CST treadmill comes equipped with 18 different workout programs. There are 5 displayed “quick” programs that are marked by buttons directly below the screen. Calorie burn, intensity training, sprinting, incline, and manual modes mark these 5 distinct programs. Simply click one and proceed to the start button before beginning your excursion. Aside from these quick-start options, the device has programmed additional workouts into the main frame. Clicking the ‘Priority Display’ button will bring up a selection menu on the display screen. Use the speed increase/decrease buttons to scale through these loaded options. When you have found a selection that meets your needs, hit the ‘Start’ button.

Beyond these programming workouts, one can create their own pace and setting through the different levels of speed and incline. Directly below the custom workout buttons are numbered ranges from speed and incline. They are numbered 1-10 respectively, equating to both speed in MPH and incline in percentages. Combine the numbers into any position you feel comfortable with. The machine will build up the speed gradually, leaving you plenty of time to catch your pace. If you wish to control speed and incline in a more calculated fashion, there are two plus and minus buttons with headings featuring these two elements. This will increase/decrease speed at 0.1 MPH and incline at 0.1%. If you are struggling to find a workout that suits your style, give one of the custom programs a try. If you have your running/walking pattern down to a science, control your device to meet your needs. The amount of customizability associated with this device is expansive and gives you plenty of room to try out new options.

Additional Features of Note

The device encompasses a feature extra features. One of these features is the built-in ProShox cushioning. Placed between the undercarriage of the base and the ground connectors are 4 separate shocks. These shocks resemble that of ones you may find on a bike, but take up a larger surface area. The inclusion of these elements keeps the level of stress on the body low. Joint problems are commonly associated with excessive running, shying many participates away from the activity. The technology at-use is designed to limit the stress placed upon your joints and reduce the injury factor.

The second element that people often enjoy is the iPod compatibility. There is a deck port that extends a chord to plug into your iPod or MP3 device. The chord is of auxiliary fashion, meaning you must own a device with a headphone input to connect. You can than stream your music through speakers that are placed on the sides of the upper display. Control the volume with a simple plus or minus button. This helps to create tempos and beats to run with. You can now limit the distractions by cranking up the tunes during your workout.

Proform 505 CST Treadmill Review – Summary with Pros and Cons

The total package comes in at the low-end level of the treadmill spectrum, giving it the thumbs up from previous users. The construction of the device features skillful craftsmanship and the component parts mesh well together. The included features create many different types of workouts, allowing you to challenge your fitness levels or take an easy stroll. Inclusions of the shocks and the audio ports make for great additions to the overall package. This device comes highly recommended. Below are some additional pros and cons of this device.

Proform 505 cst









  • Construction is reinforced utilizes correct elements
  • Pre-assembled device means less work before usage
  • 18 different workout programs, combine with custom settings help eliminate boredom


  • Plastic pieces near the rear create some wear and tear concerns
  • The extended arms do not fold
  • The product weighs over 175 pounds, making relocation a hassle