Treadmill Exercise Benefits and Why You Should Start Your Workout Today

We all know that exercise is an important part of staying healthy, maintaining or losing weight, and feeling great. But, sometimes it’s hard to get motivated to get a good workout in. Using a treadmill is the perfect way to jump start your workout program. They make working out easy and accessible. And, anyone can use a treadmill for walking or running. Plus, you don’t ever have to leave your home or gym — making it perfect for any time of year or weather conditions. In this article, we’ll take a look at treadmill exercise benefits and how you can use a treadmill to achieve your health and fitness goals.

Go the Distance: What is a Treadmill?

Treadmills are a type of exercise machine that is stationary, but has a moving belt that lets you run or walk in place. They are the perfect indoor cardio machines and have adjustable settings, including speed, inclines, and other features to help give you the best workout. Plus, if you’re looking to train for a race or achieve any other fitness goal, chances are you’ll want to use a treadmill to maximize your efforts.

As we’ve mentioned, most people use treadmills for walking or running. But, you can also use them to do other cardio based exercises. Some examples include walking lunges, incline push ups, and side shuffles. Some exercises can be done while the treadmill is moving, while others can be done with the machine turned off. All of them add in some extra strength and cardio benefits and help you maximize your treadmill use.

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treadmill exercise benefits

Big Benefits: Using a Treadmill

Now that we know what a treadmill is and how it can be used, let’s take a look at some of the exercise benefits of using a treadmill. There’s a lot, and each one can really contribute to your overall health and wellness.

Cardiovascular Fitness

We’ve all heard that cardio is an important part of being healthy. Cardiovascular fitness is your body’s ability to produce energy for movement. And you need a healthy heart to maintain good cardiovascular fitness. Regular walking and running can help strengthen your heart and even reduce your blood pressure. It can also help reduce your risk for a stroke, heart attack, and even reduce cholesterol levels. So, getting some walking in is a pretty good thing. Some, but not all, treadmills have a heart monitor to help you optimize your cardio conditioning too.

Reduce Risk of Disease

In addition to the reduced risk of stroke, heart attack, and cholesterol, using a treadmill on a regular basis can also help reduce the risk of some other diseases too. This includes type 2 diabetes, pre-diabetes, depression, insomnia, and other. In general, a bit of moderate intensity cardio on a regular basis will help you from getting ill and will improve your overall health.

Weight Loss and Weight Management

Let’s face it. Many of us use a treadmill for some type of weight loss or weight management reason. And, regular use of a treadmill is a good way to maintain a healthy weight. Regular cardio helps us burn calories, which in turn helps us maintain or lose weight.

Joint Flexibility

An important part of physical fitness is keeping your joints flexible. As we get older or have conditions like arthritis, our joints can get stiff and weak. Using a treadmill for low-impact walking can be the perfect way to keep your joints flexible while reducing the impact on your ankles, knees, and hips. Often running or walking outside on pavement can actually be harder on your joints, so a treadmill is a great option to reduce injuries and maintain flexibility.

Muscle Strength and Toning

Total body conditioning is important to overall health. And, walking or running on a treadmill will help strengthen your body’s muscles and keep them toned too. This is good for making sure your body feels good and looks great, while helping prevent issues like bone loss.

Mental & Emotional

Physical benefits aren’t the only ones you’ll get when you use a treadmill. Using a treadmill, and exercise in general, is great for your mental health and emotional well-being. Walking or running on a treadmill can reduce natural endorphins, and even help you relax and reduce depression. Though using a treadmill can’t eliminate all symptoms, exercise can definitely help reduce some. So, it’s fair to say that using a treadmill can help you feel better on the inside and out.


In a world where everyone is busy and on-the-go, it can be hard to get a good workout in. Plus, running or walking outside can be hard to manage with weather, day, and nighttime conditions. Using a treadmill can give you a lot of freedom to exercise whenever you want to regardless of the conditions outside. It also helps avoid seasonal allergies by reducing your exposure to pollen outside. Even better, you can even listen to a podcast or music, watch TV, or even read a book while working out on a treadmill. That’s an even better way to work out and be efficient too.

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treadmill exercise benefits

Treadmill Exercise Benefits Made Easy

Using a treadmill can be the perfect way to look and feel great. And, the exercise benefits from using a treadmill are pretty impressive too. If you’re looking to get in cardio in a convenient and easy way, the treadmill is an excellent choice. It’s versatility and low-impact are good for just about any cardiovascular training. Still not convinced? You can learn more in our article, “Treadmill Benefits for Body Health and How to Achieve the Best Results.